Amman Webcam, Jordan


Amman, Jordan

Amman webcam, the capital and largest city of Jordan, steeped in a rich history that spans ancient civilizations, with its roots dating back to the Hellenistic period when it was known as Philadelphia.

Nestled on hills and valleys, approximately 35 miles (56 kilometers) inland from the Dead Sea, Amman boasts a diverse cultural heritage reflected in its architecture, ranging from ancient ruins to modern structures. Key landmarks include the Citadel, an archaeological site offering panoramic views, and the well-preserved Roman Theater in the heart of the city.

Home to over 4 million people, Amman serves as Jordan’s economic, political, and cultural center, experiencing significant urban development and boasting a burgeoning business sector. The city is adorned with the iconic King Abdullah I Mosque and is a hub for education with institutions like the University of Jordan. Queen Alia International Airport, located south of the city, facilitates international travel.

Amman’s culinary scene offers a blend of traditional Jordanian dishes and international cuisines. The city experiences a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Amman, with its seamless integration of ancient history and modernity, stands as a unique and vibrant metropolis, inviting visitors to explore its diverse offerings.

Source: Vision-environnement

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