Kusatsu Onsen, Japan live cam


Kusatsu Onsen, Japan

Live webcam from Kusatsu Onsen, located in Japan‘s Gunma Prefecture, a renowned hot spring resort town known for its therapeutic mineral-rich waters, traditional ambiance, and cultural significance. The geothermal springs with high sulfur content are believed to offer various health benefits, and the iconic Yubatake serves as the heart of the town where the hot spring water is collected and cooled. Visitors can immerse themselves in the quintessential onsen experience by staying in traditional ryokans, partaking in communal baths, and enjoying the charming streets of Kusatsu. Surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes, the town offers not only relaxation but also opportunities for outdoor exploration. Whether for its healing waters or cultural immersion, Kusatsu Onsen is a captivating destination that captures the essence of Japanese onsen culture.

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