Mirror Lake Live Webcam, New York


Mirror Lake, New York

Live webcam showing the beautiful and tranquil Mirror Lake, located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, USA.

Mirror Lake is located near the larger Lake Placid and is surrounded by lush forests and mountains.

Want to visit Mirror Lake but think it’s the off-season? Don’t worry, because Mirror Lake offers various recreational activities throughout the year. In the summer, you can enjoy many sport-activities in the lake like kayaking, canoeing and paddleboarding on the calm waters. During the winter months, Mirror Lake becomes a magical winter paradise where you can ice skate, go ice fishing, and enjoy breathtaking views of snow-draped mountains. The frozen lake is often used for skating, with the village hosting the annual “Can-Am Lake Placid Adult Pond Hockey Tournament” on the ice.

The lake gets its name due to its reflective surface, which mirrors the surrounding mountains and forests, especially during calm weather conditions. This natural mirror effect creates breathtaking views, particularly during sunrise and sunset.

Source: YouTube

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