St. John Live Webcam, US Virgin Islands


St. John, US Virgin Islands

Live webcam from St. John, a small, stunning island in the US Virgin Islands (USVI). The Island in known for its natural beauty, pristine beaches and lush landscapes.

The island covers about 20 square miles (52 square kilometers) and home to approximately 4,000 residents.

Originally settled by the Arawak and Carib peoples and later claimed by the Danish West India Company in the early 18th century, St. John has a rich history marked by sugar plantations and the use of enslaved African labor, until it was purchased by the United States in 1917.

Today, over two-thirds of the island is protected by the Virgin Islands National Park, established in 1956 with a donation from Laurance Rockefeller, offering hiking trails, historical ruins, and vibrant snorkeling spots.

Source: La Jolla Caribe St. John USVI

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